Google Account is one destination for achieving different things on web. You use Google Account to check Gmail, Manage Adsense and Analytics, access Webmaster Central etc. If you are not able to google password recoveryaccess your Google account, then it becomes really important that whether your account’s Password Recovery Options was up-to-date. Because now you are going to recover your password and that can be done in couple of ways.

One can recover password thru SMS or Email. On Password Recover Options page, you need to fill three columns. First is Email Address where you want the password, second is Mobile Number where you can receive SMS, and the last is your security question.

Guide to fill up Password Recovery Options

Step by Step guide to update Password Recovery Options

Open the PRO page for your account and update your email as well as mobile number so that you can recover your password instantly. To recover your password or if you are not able to access your account, you need to fill up the below mentioned form,

Google Account Recovery Form

This form is a set of few questions. You need to answer them one by one and then you can get the account verification thru SMS or Email.

To make you life easier, you should keep your Google Account’s Password Recovery Options page up-to-date.

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