Keyword analysis should be the first task before starting your own blog. Whether you are going to use WordPress, blogger or other platform, keywords will play a significant role for the SEO of your blog. Here are some keywords tool to help your out in your analysis.

Google AdWords Keyword tool

Here you can get a new keyword idea which are really hot on the internet these time. By putting the keyword in the section, you can get the synonyms of them as well and how they are performing on the search engines. Google provide you a very clear picture about these keywords on Google AdWords Keyword tool. For example, I put the keyword “technology blog” over there and the results came as,

 google_adwords_keyword_toolBelow these results, you also get the relevant keywords related to your input keyword.

google_adwords_keyword_tool_relevantUse the above results to analyze and evolve some really good keywords for your blog or website. 

Google Trend

This is a very powerful tool from Google and strictly recommended from Internet Techies. Why I am talking about Google products is because they are free and they belong to a search engine.

Google will let you know the distribution of keywords hits in different regions. For example, if you want to know about the keyword “Internet” that which region of this world hits maximum for this keyword. Google trend will show you the list of the countries where the term “Internet” is very popular and searched most. I did the same for the keyword “Internet” and got the below results,

Google_trend You can choose the region of your choice over here. Internet Techies suggest you to analyze the keyword in the same region which you have selected in Google Webmaster for your blog.

MarketLeap SEO tool

This tool will let you know the placement of your blog for a particular keyword in around 6 search engines. By using this tool, you can get the feel that whether your blog needs more density of that keyword or not.

I check the blog Internet techies for the keyword “Themedreamer” and the got the below result, where it is shown that Yahoo/AltaVista are having Internet Techies on their page 3 for the keyword Themedreamer.

Marketleap_search_engine_marketing_tool There are lot many other SEO tools available for such things, but the above mentioned are really useful specially Google products. Some of the other tools for the same operation are as below:keyword_tool

SEO Centro

Domain Tools

Smart Page Rank


Keyword analysis is very important before starting a blog, so go ahead and use above tools to catch the first page on search engines

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