The Google Doodle on search engine’s homepage is an animated guitar onĀ Les Paul birthday. You can use your mouse to hover on the strings and play the tunes. But if you are more comfortable with the keyboard then play that way. But the problem is that once you will start hitting the keys, text will start appearing on the search box. To disable the text box, Google Doodle team has provided a button in the doodle. As you can see a button with few symbols as keys, you can hit that button and disable the text box.

Once the button is ON, the text box will not accept the entries from keyboard and you can use the keyboard for playing the guitar. Whether you have turned on the instant search option on Google search page, this button will disable the same until you turn off the button on doodle.

Keys for Les Paul Guitar Doodle

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You can use the keys in first row of the keyboard to play the guitar. For example, you can play with QWERTYUIOP keys as individual keys denotes one string in the guitar.

Update – CheckoutĀ this comment to know how to play Titanic song on Google Doodle using keyboard.

Update 1 – Keyboard ON/OFF button has been changed to a “Recording” button and now you can record and share the recorded audio with others. Hit the “Recording” button and start recording your song using Google Doodle Guitar.

Still Available?

Update 2 – Les Paul Guitar Doodle has been removed from the Search Engine homepage but you can still play with the guitar on this page of Google Logos.

Alright friends, share your experience of playing guitar on Google Doodle. Did you like this animated guitar as doodle?


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