Use Google to Add, Subtract amount in Multiple Currencies at once

For queries involving mathematical operations and logic, I prefer WolframeAlpha. It is a place where you can get answer with detailed layout for almost all your queries including general knowledge, politics, weather, currency,  time difference and many more and that’s why it is known as Knowledge Engine. But now Google, our favorite and most used search engine giant is gradually becoming Knowledge Engine as well. After adding a beautiful calculator and unit conversion features, people use to open Google not only for searching a keyword but to perform mathematical operations as well.  Quick conversion of one unit into another is very handy on Google, but do you know that you can also perform multiple operations at a time in Google search box?

For example, you can convert and perform operation on multiple currencies and get result in a desired currency. In this example, I am going to make an addition of few currencies and get result in US dollars.

This is the query that I ran in Google search box -:

(41 euro) + (80 indian rupee) + (50 swiss franc) + (200 canadian dollar) + (100 new zealand dollar) in us dollar

And the result came as,

Addition of multiple currencies in US dollar - on Google

(41 euro) + (80 indian rupee) + (50 swiss franc) + (200 canadian dollar) + (100 new zealand dollar) in us dollar

The query is not only for the currencies, but you can use for multiple units as well. In another example, I ran the query as below with operator as addition and subtraction for the volume. Here is the result,

(324 barn megaparsecs) + (3.17 US gallons) - (2 liters) in liters

(324 barn megaparsecs) + (3.17 US gallons) – (2 liters) in liters

You can use + for addition, – for subtraction, * for multiplication in the search box and separate each unit or parameter with small brackets. Sometimes it works without brackets as well but it is a good practice to have small brackets as separator.

Thanks Nancy for discovering and sharing this search tip.

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