Google Custom Search (CSE) is one of the best and most used custom search engine on websites or blogs because of its revenue sharing program. But most of the time you would feel that some of the pages from your blog are not appearing in the result section. This is really irritating because you have already written about the keyword which visitors are trying to find out but that post is not appearing in the result section. Here is the trick to get all your pages on Google Custom Search Results.


Check Indexing

google_custom_search_indexing For appearing a page on Custom Search results, pages needs to be indexed on that first. As Google Custom Search is an external search engine for your blog, it needs to index you pages with Title, Description, Keywords and URL so that it can show results as per the keyword typed in search box. Login to Google Custom Search Admin Control Panel and then Click on “Indexing” link at left hand site. Check how many pages from your blog are indexed over there, resubmit your sitemap to index latest pages.

Submit Sitemap Of Blog

As explained above, you will have to submit sitemap (XML) to Google Custom Search Engine to index your pages. You can submit your sitemap on Google Webmaster to index pages on Google Custom Search and if you are not available on Webmaster then submit the sitemap only on Google Custom Search by using “On-demand indexing using Google Sitemaps”. There is a limitation of one submission per day for Sitemap.

Submit Individual URLs

If any of your older posts are not appearing on Google Custom Search then use “On-demand indexing using Individual URLs” option for indexing individual URL. Copy the URL of the post and paste it over “On-demand indexing using Individual URLs” box, Use one line for one URL and the next URL on next line. This way you can index URL individually on Google Custom Search.


Populate Keyword Meta Tag For Each Posts

Always populate keyword, description meta tag on your blog. If you are using WordPress then “All in one SEO” is good plug-in to do that. Based on the keyword and description tag, Google Custom Search shows the results on search hit.

Use Google Webmaster To Link Sitemap

Google Webmaster is an application by Google where you can submit sitemap, check links, check errors and do lot many settings for SEO. Enrol yourself over there and then your custom search will pick sitemaps on regular basis from there only. Use XML Sitemap generator for generating sitemap for a WordPress blog.

Above explained tricks will work for your blog for getting maximum results out of Google Custom Search, Results may take 1 or 2 days to appear as pages needs to be indexed on Custom Search server.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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