Google Voice service is available for users in US and there are many benefits of using this service by Google. Now if you want to attach your old and active mobile number which you have already shared with your friends, family and at work, then here comes the number port option in Google voice to attach your old mobile number with your Google Voice account.


You can change or port the current Google voice number to your old mobile number which is in use. The process will take 24 hours to complete and you will have to pay $20 to initiate the porting process. Once the porting process will start, your current mobile service will be terminated and your mobile number will come to Google Voice. Now you can have that number on any mobile devices or your computer will ring when you will get a call on that number.

How to initiate Port process on Google Voice

– Login to Google Voice account

– Go to “Settings” page and click on “Change / Port” which is available next to your Google Voice Number

– Now you can change that number to your old mobile number which is in use

– Follow some steps mentioned on the page to initiate the port process

Before terminating your old mobile service, you should contact your wireless provider to get more details on termination fee or other charges for complete termination. Once your number porting will complete, you can enjoy the same number on Google Voice and have fun.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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