Google Chrome is getting better with every updates. The most awaited feature of “Print Preview” has come to the Google Chrome Canary which is the development version (unstable) of Chrome browser. That means, this feature will also come to the stable version very soon. Apart from Print Preview, Chrome Canary is also having “Print to PDF” feature inbuilt that means you can save the webpage (full page or selected pages) as PDF using Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is already having PDF rendering i.e. you can open and read a PDF file by opening that with Chrome. This will help you get rid of other PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Apart from “Print to PDF”, Google Chrome Canary is also having the option to let you select other printers installed on your computer. You can select the number of pages that you want to print and can also select number of copies to print. Portrait and Landscape options are also present on Print Preview page of Chrome.

How to Print Preview on Chrome

print-to-pdf Go to “Tools” option available under Settings menu of Google. Once you will click on “Tools” in Canary, you will see a dedicated “Print Preview” page of Google Chrome. There you can select the required printing options and click on “Print” button to print the web page.

With these basic print features on Google Chrome Print Preview page, Chrome is definitely going to get more market from competitive browser market.

Hope to get the Canary feature in stable version of Chrome very soon. If you want to try Canary on your computer, you can download the same from this page. Chrome Canary will not override the normal stable Google Chrome. That means you can run Canary and Stable version of Google Chrome at a time on your computer.

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