What is a Random Quote in the Signature?

A random quote refers to any line or thought or a link picked from a set of items randomly and appended at the end of your signature block. The quote is picked from a set of entries or feeds from a specified feed url source. This quote can also be link to your article or post on your blog or website which is picked up from a given feed url. Thus, if you enable this Gmail Labs feature, every time you would send a mail, a link to one of your randomly selected post would get appended to the end of the signature. If the email receiver finds the title interesting and wants to read more about it, he would click the link and it could bring traffic to your website. Thus, this is a good feature that can definitely be useful if you wish to spread your links all over.

Below is the step by step guide explaining how to append a random link from your feed or any required feed in your Gmail email signature

1. Go to Settings at the top right corner of your Gmail page


2. Click the Labs tab in order to go to Gmail Lablabs_settings_gmail

3. Find Location in Signature feature and enable it by selecting the radio button against Enable button

random_signature_gmail 4. On the top of the Labs page, find the Save Changes button and click it to save the changes to the Gmail Labs feature settings you have made. In fact Save Changes would also appear at the bottom center of the Labs settings page.labs_settings_save

Again, you need to go to the General Settings tab and find Signature settings

random_signature_01 gmail general_settingsRemember that the above checkbox would appear in the General settings only when you have enabled the Random Signature Gmail Labs feature. Don’t forget to check the checkbox and save the setting changes by clicking the Save Changes button in General Settings.

5. Now when you open a new mail to send thru Compose Mail, or you are replying to or forwarding a mail, you could see your modified Signature having the random feed from your blog feed url i.e. link to a random post as follows:-

random_signature_03This link would keep on changing or better we can call as rotating for each outgoing mail depending upon how many posts or items you have in your feed.

Is it not working for you?????

I have found comments from some people that this feature is not working for them. Sometimes clicking on the Compose Mail link twice or sending a test message or two helped them out and the issue got resolved automatically! After all it is a Gmail Lab feature, needs some work out sometimes for someone!

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