If you are using Google reader for subscribing and reading your favorite feeds, then here is a new way to read them. FeedSquares is a Google Chrome extension to show you the feeds of your favorite websites in a pictorial way which will change the way you read feeds on desktops or notebooks. Once you subscribe for the daily, weekly or monthly feed of a website to get regular updates on Google reader, their updates start coming real time on the Google Reader platform. But the layout of Google Reader is very simple and sometimes boring. In that case, you can install this small extension on Google Chrome and read the google reader feeds in an entertaining way.

Google Reader is my favorite feed reader platform where I read almost 500 – 600 articles per day. But sometimes I feel that the layout should be more interactive and stylish so that I can imagine a broad picture of all my subscription. Now FeedSquares achieves the same purpose where you will be able to see all your subscription in pictorial manner. If you are having a big screen like 19-inch, and having 300 – 500 subscriptions, then you will definitely love the design and layout of the feeds.

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FeedSquares Reader Extension

Features of FeedSquares Online Reader – Chrome Extension

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]1. Entertaining design and layout of Google Reader Feeds

2. Square boxes for each subscription to show you a broad picture of subscription list in your account

3. Easy navigation at the bottom of window to showcase latest articles

4. Fully synchronized with Google Reader, that means read status, stars, tags will appear in Google Reader as well

5. Mark all read on single click

Download FeedSquares Chrome Extension

FeedSquares is also available for Android phone. Here is the QR to use for Android phone for getting FeedSquares on Android.

FeedSquares for Android

Let us know which online subscription platform do you use for getting and reading regular feeds? Share your thought about this new, entertaining and beautiful layout reader.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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