Remote desktop operations are very common for troubleshooting and support. Many times you need to access remotely located devices including desktop, laptop or even mobile phones. Well, there are many software available for such operations but you can perform remote desktop operations using a very common tool available on almost all the systems i.e. Google Chrome.  

Chrome web browser is a powerful tool with lot many features including Remote Desktop. I’ll share some reasons on why you should use Chrome for remote desktop access. Few of the reasons will definitely blow your mind, so try to read till the and grab this amazing opportunity to learn more about Google Chrome remote app.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop a simple and easy to use application.

This app allows you to connect as well as to access multiple computers or other users to use your computers without any risk of security over the internet.

Google Chrome Remote application also allows you to remotely control your computer by just using the Google Chrome browser.

Steps to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop App -:

You can follow the following steps to install and connect in your computer with your device using Chrome browser.

Step 1- Click on the link below and add the Chrome Remote Desktop extension to your chrome browser.

Click Here for Add Extension-

Step 2- Once you have added the extension to Chrome browser, click on the launch app button.

Step 3- As soon as you click on launch app button. Chrome Remote Desktop window will pop-up. 

Step 4- Download the Google Chrome Remote Desktop app for your device. In this case we are using a android device.

Step 5- Now get back to the Chrome Remote Desktop window pop-up and click on Enable Remote Connections

Step 6- A new pop-up window will ask you to set a 6-digit pin and re-enter the pin. Once the above is done your computer is ready to connect.

 Step 7- Now open the chrome remote desktop app on your device and your computer name will be started showing on the device.

Step 8- Click on the computer name and end the pin you have set earlier and you are ready to go.

Now you are ready to remotely control your computer system with your portable devices like mobile and tablets.

Reasons to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop App -:

1.Google Product

As Chrome remote desktop app is a google product you can completely trust the product as well as the brand.


As a Google product this app provides you the surety that your data is completely secured. Google is one of the leading brand on the internet which is known for its secure data environment. 

3.Easy to Install

This app is very easy to setup by using just in very few steps you can connect your desktop with your device using chrome browser.

4.PIN Security

This app provides you with the 6-digits security pin, so that no one can access your desktop the pin.

5.No Additional Space

As the app use chrome extension you don’t need to install any other file. Chrome came as a default browser with most of the operating systems.

6.Multi-Operating System Support

The Google chrome browser works with all the OS.v Thus app provide you compatibility with all variety of operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Windows, etc.

7.Multi-Device Support

This Google Chrome Remote Desktop application is available on Android’s Google Play store as well as iOS store which make it accessible to most of the mobile device user.

I hope the above article will help you to gain more knowledge about the Google Chrome Remote Desktop App.

In case you know about any such similar application then let us know in the comment section below.

Also if you any suggestion or doubt regarding the article you can write it down in the comment section.

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