Google Chrome is no doubt an efficient browser and if you store lot many important webpage as Bookmarks then you should backup those bookmarks somewhere. Google Docs is one of the best place to keep important documents and yes, you can store your bookmarks over there. Since that is online platform, you don’t have to worry about data loss and outage. Below is the step by step guide to save and synchronize your Google Chrome browser’s bookmarks to Google Docs folder.

How to save and synchronize bookmarks b/w Google Chrome and Docs

1. Open Google Chrome browser

2. Go to Settings Options of Google Chrome

3. Click on “Personal Stuff” tab on Google Chrome Options window

Google Chrome Options window

4. Click on “Start Sync” button under Bookmark Sync option

5. Enter your Google ID and Password (for Google Docs) where you need to synchronize your bookmarks

6. Synchronization will start in seconds and completes very soon

7. Go to your Google Docs account and check folders

8. You can see a new folder named as “Google Chrome” where you can see your bookmarks saved in the same format as organized on browser

9. This synchronization update will always keep your bookmarks on Chrome saved at Google Docs

10. You can stop synchronization at any point of time from the same window “Google Chrome Options” ==> Personal Stuff

Google Docs Bookmarks Folder

Benefits of Google Chrome Bookmark Sync

1. Bookmarks are list of some important and helpful sites, this synchronization would help you in keeping those link safely

2. At the time of formatting the C drive or OS, you will not have to worry about Bookmark loss

For Mozilla Firefox, you can use Export feature to save bookmarks on a safe place.

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