Google Custom Search is used to provide search feature on a blog and blogger can monetize that using Adsense program. We have already discussed some tips to get best out of Google Custom Search but here is now Google Custom Search Element thru which one can get the search results without loading the page.

Google Custom Search Element is a search option provide by Google which can be attached on a blog at any place and it will throw the search results on that place only. It also display some ads which can be monetized by the blogger or publisher. Below is the Google Custom Search Element thru which you can see how does it work.

Google Custom Search Element


Benefits of Using Google Custom Search Element

1. Attach it at any place on your blog
2. Quick Search on a blog
3. Generate revenue thru the ads appearing on the top
4. No need to create separate page for search results
5. Clear search results with single click on the “cross” sign after custom search logo
6. Easy to install on a blog

Best Suitable Places For Google Custom Search Element

1. At the end of a post

Once a reader reaches towards the end of the post, he starts looking for next thing available on the site or he may want to look for something related to the topic. Just provide the search element so that he can find another good topic from your blog.

2. Sidebar

Always a place for Search. Provide a separate box for search element so that search results look good over there. You can see the search option on MattCutts blog where he has put the element in sidebar.

3. Top of the Content Section on Index Page

Below the pages or category navigation, you can put the Search element as the first thing on your home page. This way you are providing the option of searching a nice content from your blog at the start or visitors can read some latest post from your blog as well.

4. Footer or End of Page

At the end of the blog, one can want to search something related to his topic, if you will provide search element over there then that will be useful for him. One more thing that at footer section, results can expand without any issue and will look good as well. \

To get the Google Custom Search Element, just log on to the Google Custom Search page thru your Google Account and then click on the Element section on left side panel.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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