Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browser on planet which is having the search from address bar feature as well. But in case you want more speedy search execution for words on particular website, then you can do that by just selecting or highlighting the word thru your mouse. Chrome is having an extension developed by Google team only which will enable you to perform “highlight to search” on Chrome.

highlight to search

In above example, you can see that I selected “The Economic Times” word on popular newspaper “Times of India”. Now a search icon appeared and once I click that, a search box appears beside the icon. Hit “Enter” to initiate the search operation on default search engine like Google.

Download and Install this extension on your Google Chrome browser from this page and then you just need to highlight the words using mouse to execute search. This way you will not have to type the word either on address bar or Chrome or search engines home page. Once you will highlight the keyword from any web page by selecting that, a magnifying glass like icon will appear below the selection. You just need to hit that icon to execute the search for that keyword. Isn’t it much easier than typing the keyword?

For Firefox users, there is an add-on named Apture Highlights which does similar task in that browser. That add-on also helps finding things on YouTube, Wikipedia etc. by just highlighting keywords on web pages.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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