Most of the bloggers uses Feedburner for managing RSS feeds of their blogs. Feedburner sends the latest posts from your blog to readers mailbox with proper subject line something like “Internet Techies – Technology Blog: Newsletter” by default but there are options in Feedburner to customize the subject line of your newsletters to make it more attractive.


Options for customizing the subject line of daily feed of a blog are related to the title of latest post and total number of new articles posted today. So basically once the newsletter or RSS feed will be send, the subject line will populate as below:

Before Customizationgoogle_feedburner

Blog Name: Newsletter

After Customization

1. Blog Name: (Number) New Articles


2. Blog Name: (Title of Latest Post) And Other (Number) New Articles

How to customize feedburner to change the the subject to show number of new articles

Coming to the point, how can you customize the feedburner to get a subject of your newsletter as per your choice, Login to the feedburner account of your blog’s feed. Go to the “Publicize” tab and click on the “Email Subscription” option on left side panel. Under “Email Subscription”, go to the “Email Branding” option and there you can see a window for customization of newsletter subject line. The box named as “Email Subject/Title”. Here you have two different options to customize the subject line. If you email newsletter is having more than 2 articles for today, in that case you can show-off the numbers or if you are having one or two articles for today then show-off the title of your latest one. Your choice.


To show off the number of posts or titles, you will have to put a pre-defined variable in the subject line so that feedburner will populate those variables with correct value at the time of mail delivery. You can see in the above snapshot that feedburner is suggesting me for three types of subjest lines as mentioned below:

Internet Techies - Technology Blog: ${latestItemTitle}
Internet Techies - Technology Blog: “${latestItemTitle}” plus ${m} more
Internet Techies - Technology Blog (in this message: ${n} new items)


All the fields are self explanatory, and you can understand how your newsletter subject line will look in your readers mailbox.

I will recommend you to opt for both the options as whenever you will post more than 2 articles, your readers will see the total number in subject line and will go thru them and whenever you didn’t get much time to write more than two articles, then go for a good article with nice title. Your visitors will go thru them as well. 

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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