Do you have a habit to close the browser window without signing out from your different accounts, say email account or social networking account? Or have you checked your Gmail in some cyber cafe before some time but are not sure that whether you have signed out or just closed the browser and now is it exposed to other visitors to access your Gmail account? This is very scary situation as now-a-days the cyber crime and data theft is a real threat while browsing the internet. But, if you are in this situation for a Gmail login session, don’t worry! Gmail has a very good feature that you can sign out from all the concurrent or still open email sessions with one click using your email account.

Login to your Gmail account and at the very bottom you could see some similar kind of information as below:-


This shows that I have my Gmail account open somewhere else at one location. If it is on my own computer and some other browser, then it is okay, but if it shows some other IP, that I am not aware of then it can be an alarm to act fast.

To see the details click the “Details” link appearing in the message, it would open a new “Activity Details” window. You could see if there are any concurrent sessions open with your Gmail ID in the “Concurrent session information”. You can sign out from all other sessions, except from the current session that you are accessing, directly with one click to the “sign out all other sessions” button. Thus, one click to this button would help you sign out from all the Gmail sessions that you forgot to log out on any computer.

gmail_session_activity_windowThe activity details window shows all kind of activity on your account, showing the IP address, access type (how was the account accessed, like from browser, or using mobile or using POP3) and the date and time of recent activities. If you think someone else is using your account, just analyze whether it is true using this feature and if you doubt that your account is compromised, just change your Gmail password or reset Gmail password as soon as possible to avoid any security issues.

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