Google Adsense is one of the main source of earning for our blog ad we also encourage our reader bloggers to use Google Adsense for monetization. Before placing the ads on your blog, you may take a look at what ads will appear on your blog based on the keywords populated over there. Since Google Adsense always display relevant ads which matches the niche of your blog so that visitors gets something meaningful thru ads as well.

Preview of Adsense Ads:

Adsense Preview

There are lot many tools available to preview the Google Adsense ads, they are known as Google Adsense Sandbox. Here we have provided the list of some trusted tools to preview the adsense ads. In these tools, you need to provide the keyword or URL of a site to get the preview of adsense ads. It is a well known fact that some ads generated better revenue than others and based on that you may use filter option in Google Adsense to get maximum out of it. There are tools to estimate revenue generation for adsense ads to provide you estimated revenue for a keyword. Coming back to the Google Adsense Sandbox, here are two different tools to get the preview:

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1. Adsense Sandbox – by Digital Inspirations

Adsense Sandbox 1.0 is a well known adsense preview tool created by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration to get the preview based on Keywords, URL and Country. To get the results based on automatic insertion of country name, pick auto from the country list. Place URL of the site for which you need to preview the ads or you may enter keyword from any of your post to get preview of ads.

Adsense Sandbox by Digital Inspiration

Note: Ads generated here on these tools uses random PUB ID and that’s why the publisher doesn’t get paid for clicks on these ads and even Adwords Advertiser will not be charged. 

2. Google Adsense Preview

Google adsense Preview is a blog on blogger with blogspot sub-domain. This is not only for Google Adsense, but you can also choose to see the ads from Chitika and Yahoo. You can even compare the ads between these service providers. Here you will also get option to customize the look of the ads by choosing different palette. You may choose border, title color, text and URL color as we do in Google Adsense account. Again you have the option to put Keyword or URL and then select the country name for geo-location based ads. As we know that for the same keyword, Google adsense display different ads in different countries to promote the product locally.  Here is the screenshot of Google Adsense Preview.

Ads Preview Tool by Amit Agarwal

I tried to get the same output from Digital Point Sandbox but that seems to be not working now. There are lot many other tools as well to preview the adsense ads, If you are aware of any other tool which is reliable then please suggest it thru comments.

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