We have already shared the benefits and how to merge Google Analytics and AdSense for primary domain to track AdSense performance in Analytics. Now if you are managing multiple websites thru one Google Analytics account and you want to track AdSense performance of each website or blog, then here is the tutorial to do the same. First of all, I would like to make it clear that the AdSense and Analytics should be there on same Google Account for tracking. Now here is the step by step guide to enable tracking of AdSense for multiple website profiles on Analytics.

Steps to track multiple website AdSense on Analytics

Multiple Website Profiles on Google Analytics1. Login to Google Analytics first page where you get list of website profiles attached with the Google Account. That is actually Analytics Settings page.

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2. Click on edit link beside the website profile for which you want to track AdSense performance.

3. Click on the edit link present on right-top of window “Main Website Profile Information”. On that window, you can see an option as “AdSense Data”.

Analytics Edit to track AdSense 4. Check the box which says “Yes, this profile should receive AdSense data”. Then you will get a piece of code on that window only. You just need to paste that piece of code in the header section of your website or blog so that the code will run on each page impression.

5. Done. Now you can track AdSense performance in next couple of days on Analytics Dashboard of that website profile at the below navigation.

Dashboard ==> Content ==> AdSense

Enable AdSense Data Tracking

Go ahead and see which keyword and post is performing well on AdSense. This will definitely help you in boosting the performance of your AdSense and website monetization.

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