Trakkboard If you need to maintain multiple Google Analytics accounts for different sites or blogs then you can use TrakkBoard, an AIR desktop application. TrakkBoard shows different analytics reports in widgets on the dashboard. These small widgets gives you an overview of traffic on different websites that you maintain.

TrakkBoard is a free desktop application currently in beta stage where you need to request a key by providing your valid email address. Once you will receive the verification email, you will get the key after confirming request by clicking on verification link. Now click on the “Install Now” link on the confirmation page which will start the downloading and installation. Provide the personal license key at the time of installation. Now enter a password to protect the data inside this app and then enter the Google Account ID and Password on which you maintain the Analytics account. You may enter the other Google IDs and password for other accounts after reaching the dashboard of TrakkBoard.

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TrakkBoard Graph

Now you are on Dashboard of TrakkBoard, click on Add a new widget at left corner. Select the proper values from different dropdowns. Click on Save button to get the graph of one account. You can add another Google account by clicking on “Add New Google ID” on “Control Center” tab. You can add up to 2 Google accounts in single installation.

Features Included in TrakkBoard are:

  1. Drag and Drop different reports widget
  2. Adjust values of Widgets in one go or individually
  3. Maintain multiple site’s analytics data easily
  4. Set the update interval
  5. Add up to 2 Google Accounts

TrakkBoard is using Google API to get the data. If you are using any other platform to do the same thing then please share your views thru comments.

Video Tutorial:

Here attached is the video tutorial of TrakkBoard where you can see how to use TrakkBoard to maintain or manage multiple Google analytics profiles.

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