Google Chrome is the one of the fastest browser right now and because of the speed factor, gradually Chrome is taking up a nice amount of market share. Now Google has come up with some extensions for Google Chrome to enhance the options on their browser. Like Firefox, Chrome will have extensions which will add other features in the browser.

Initially Google started distributing sample extensions for dev version of Google Chrome where you can install the sample extensions on single click. To install the sample extensions, click on “Install” links on this page. Most probably the extensions released by Google will be located at :

Here is the screenshot of “Internet Techies Home Page” taken on Google Chrome dev channel release. Right now Google has released three extensions for Chrome.

1. Gmail Checker  – Open Google Chrome and login to your Gmail Account or Google Account. Now on each window or tab, you can see if any new mail came into your Gmail account. That notification will appear as number besides the address bar,

2. RSS Subscription Button on Address Bar – If currently opened webpage/blog is having feed then a small RSS button will appear at the end of address bar. This is similar to Firefox and IE Subscription button option.

3. BuildBot Monitor – This extension will show you the current status of chromium build bot.

Sample Extensions on Google Chrome

chrome_extensions Since Google Chrome is based on Chromium and once Chrome started accepting extensions, people started releasing unofficial extensions as well. You may find some nice extensions for Google Chrome Dev Release at unofficial site: 

Here is the list of some nice extensions from the unofficial site:

  1. AdBlock – Block ads on Google Chrome
  2. Chrome Touch – iPhone type touch
  3. Google Wave Check – Check number of messages on Wave
  4. Google Reader Checker – Check updates on Reader
  5. URL Shortener – URL Shortener extension for Chrome

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Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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