We all know that Google Docs is an online documentation tool provided by Google with lot many inbuilt features. Creating and sharing documents of different types are extremely easy on Google Docs. If you are a blogger and want to share some interesting post quickly on your blog then you can do it thru Google Docs as well.

We had earlier discussed the trick to post articles using Microsoft Word and now Google Docs. Open a blank document in Google Docs and start writing your post without any title. You can preview the article as a webpage by clicking on Share ===> View as webpage (Preview) option at any point of time. Below are the steps to follow when using Google Docs as a blog authoring tool,

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Blog Post Edit on Google Docs

Step 1: Edit the CSS of Docs to have a feel of your own blog’s theme. Go to the Edit ===> Edit CSS option and paste the CSS of your blog’s theme over there. Click on OK to save the CSS.

Step 2: Set the width of the page. Go to the View ===> Fixed-Width Page view to get a page with fixed width.

Step 3: Start writing the post on the doc. You may insert the image on docs and even format that similar to Windows Live Writer. There is a wrap option available where the image will be wrapped with text.

Step 4: Complete the post and then preview it as web page by using option Share ===> View as Web page (Preview)

Step 5: If any changes required then come back to edit window and complete the changes.

Blog Settings on Google DocsStep 6: Now its time to publish the post on blog. Go to Share ===> Publish as web page. A window will open where you may select the option to blog that post. There is one more option over there to create a unique URL for the post to share with friends but if you are having your own blog then go ahead and post it over there. Now click on “Set your blog site settings” to provide the details about your blog. In case of self hosted wordpress blog, select “My Own Server / Custom” and then choose API as Movable Type. Provide the URL of xmlrpc.php, in most cases it should be root_url/xmlrpc.php. Then provide your WordPress User Name and Password. Now click on Test button to test the settings. Once cleared, you may click on “OK” to post the article thru Google Docs.

You are done. Now you can take a look at your blog post available on your main blog page. You may edit it from the WordPress dashboard at some other point of time. You may choose different platforms to blog from Google Docs.

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