By default,Google Adsense in INR Publishers, Bloggers who are using Google Adsense for monetization view their daily earnings in US dollars on Adsense Dashboard. If you are one of them and want to see your earning in your own currency for example Euro (EUR), Indian Rupee (INR), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) or any other popular currency then you can do that with simple step. Earnings in own currency helps in planning the growth, business, spending, profits etc. Google Adsense pays you thru check in your own currency but there is no option to see the earning in other currencies. But you can get that by using simple chrome extension on your Chrome browser.

CCC (Chrome Currency Converter) is the extension for Chrome which can change the currency on the web page in your preferred currency. It can change the currency on Google Adsense or any other pages where some amount is displayed. For example, if a page is showing an amount of $5,000 then it will convert that amount in your preferred currency. You can choose from the list of 40 different currencies. CCC converts the amounts by taking live data from Pathfinder Socks and European Central Bank.

Install Chrome Currency Converter

Here is the screenshot from Adsense Dashboard showing earnings in Indian Rupee (INR),

 Adsense earning in Indian Rupee

This extension can be used to convert any amount from one currency to another from any web page. To do that, you will have to hit ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+C. Here is the screenshot of this extension’s settings page where you can choose your preferred currency and other options,

Chrome Currency Converter Settings page

Once you will install this extension on your Chrome browser, you can see a new “Orange” icon appearing near to the “Go” button of address bar. If you want to change back to the original currency, you can disable that extension by clicking on that icon. To change the settings options, right click on hat orange icon and select “Options” from the menu. This way you can see every amount on chrome in your own currency.

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Firefox users are already having such kind of add-on like Forex Currency Converter. Do you like to see your earnings in your own currency? Are you already using this kind of extension or planning to try the same? Let us know your thoughts about viewing adsense or other earnings in own currency.

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