Location based services are the next generation real time social networking platform and Google has started doing that with Google Latitude. Now as Google latitude is live then the next question is what to do with this Location Based Service.


First of all get familiar with how to use Google Latitude and then the usage of this LBS (Location Based Service). Here are some usage of Google Latitude which one can find useful for business purposes or family and friends gathering,

(I) You can use Google Latitude to know whether any of your business client is in near by location. If yes, then you can arrange a quick meeting with lunch or dinner as well. This way you can keep in touch by knowing the location of your client.


(II) Use SMS feature provided in Google Latitude to ask for a short noticed appointment.

(III) Now a days, children’s are allowed to carry a mobile phone with them to their school. Google latitude will help their parents to get the current location of their child or vice-versa. This will of course make life more secured and safe.

(IV) One can get in touch with your friends roaming in near by area and contact them to arrange a small party.

(V) Locate your friends or family attending a baseball or cricket match in a big stadium like MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and see that on map.

Next thing which Google or other LBS can plan is the local advertisements which can be send to the people in a particular region. That means you will get an advertisement related to the local hotels or restaurant on your mobile phone after entering into that region. This way you will also be updated and informed by the things which you may need at certain point of time.


The above features and usage may help you understand that what is google latitude and what all you can do with this location based service. The other social networking products by google are “Google Friend Connect”, GTalk. In Google Latitude, there is an option to mail your friend using your Gmail ID but still no option to chat with them using GTalk. In future enhancements, they may come up with this solution as well.

As social networking is always a challenging task because of privacy concerns, that’s why google has provided the option to “Hide you Location” on google latitude or you can manually set that. This way you have full control your private information.

So one thing is very clear that Google Latitude is smart, secured and friendly. Go ahead and use this tool on your mobile to enhance your real time social networking.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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