Google TV Google TV is coming this month (probably today) as the report is confirmed by different media platforms like Financial Times, WSJ etc. The very first question is that “What is Google Smart TV? and Is it different from a Monitor with inbuilt Motherboard, Hard Disk?”. I know that if Google is making something then that will have some innovation and design with simplicity. To find out the concrete answer to these questions, we will have to wait for the Google I/O conference scheduled for 19’th – 20’th May. Anyway, as per the initial reports on Internet, Google, Sony, Intel, Logitech etc are coming together to merge the TV world and Internet on a common platform. Sony is coming up with the hardware, Google will create the Smart TV platform, Intel will provide the Atom Processor and Logitech will design the Remote Control for this TV. This television platform will be Android based as Google is going to launch Android 2.2 at Google I/O even in San Francisco.

Even Samsung is also considering and keeping eye on Google TV to create Hardware for the same. Google TV will shows movies from different platforms like Netflix and other sources. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter will also get space over there so that you can connect yourself with social media while watching television. Of course there will be all Google products available on your Google-TV TV set i.e. Gmail, YouTube, Reader, Google Search etc. So you can check your email while watching television. YouTube hits are going to increase after Google TV launch. As per the recent report, YouTube is serving more than 2 billion views per day and that will definitely increase by significant amount after Google TV launch. 

Today is 19’th May and the expectation of Google TV launch is high. We will have to wait for the start of this conference and official announcement and after that we will update this section. Fingers crossed for this innovative solution for connecting TV addicted people to Web addicted ones. 

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