chromeGoogle Chrome 6 beta is available to download and use. So if you are thinking about the new features in the latest released beta version of Chrome, then go ahead and read the below list. There is no doubt about the performance of this browser. Since its launch in 2008, it has come long way and now claimed as the fastest browser of this time. Google Chrome 6 beta is tested as 15 percent more faster than the previous version. That is 15 percent speed improvement on V8 benchmark and same percentage of SunSpider benchmark.

New features of Google Chrome 6 beta

1. AutoFill in Chrome

Google Chrome can save your frequently used URLs, credit card numbers, passwords, addresses, numbers etc. These kind of autofill may help you in doing online shopping. If you are not comfortable with this kind of autofill, then you can disable the same by going to “Settings ==> Options ==> Personal Stuff ==> Form autofill”. Here you can check “Disable autofill” box to disable the autofill option in Google Chrome.

chrome 6 autofill

Here is a video showing kind of demo of AutoFill in Google Chrome.

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2. Synchronize autofills as well

Synchronize even the autofill saved stuff with your Google account. Previous versions were able to sync bookmarks with your google account, but now you can synchronize autofills as well. Credit Card numbers are not suppose to included in sync date.

3. Streamlined Upper Toolbar

Upper toolbar (specially the Omnibox) area is more streamlined now. Now you can use the Omnibox for different purposes like search (web or even a website) in neat and clean way.

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4. Check load time of sites in different browsers

Go to “Control the current page” option and select “Developer ==> Developer Tools” over there. Now go to “Resources ==> Enable Resource Tracking”. There you can track the web page load time across browsers. This will definitely help you diagnose your webpages to improve load time.

chrome 6 webtime

Either you can download Chrome beta 6 from this page or you can use your beta browser to update to the latest Chrome by going to “Settings ==> About Google Chrome”. Over there you can check your current version of Chrome and then choose to update to the latest one.

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