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The latest version of Google Chrome is having inbuilt print option which is can be used to print preview the webpage or print a webpage as PDF. The newly added feature in Chrome is really good but there are still some bugs in that and in certain cases, you may still want to see the default print option of Windows OS where you get a list of installed printers. Here is how you can get that window for printing the webpages opened in Google Chrome.

Why do I still need Window default print option?

# Google Chrome is a really good browser and features like PDF printing and Cloud Print does make the browser more useful. But still there are scenarios where you will not get any option in “Destination” dropdown of Chrome Print window. For example, if you have opened your online banking page and want to print a transaction details, you will not se any option on print destination window.

#If you want to customize the print options of your printer, you need Windows default print option page. For example, if you want to print the webpage in draft color mode, you need the print option window of Windows to change the print mode of printer before printing the document. It is not possible from Google Chrome Print window.

How to open the default print window for webpages opened on Chrome


Open the webpage that you want to print. Now hit [CTRL + P] on keyboard to open the Google Chrome print window. As you don’t want to print the webpage through Chrome Print option but the Windows default print option, click on “Advanced” link available on left-bottom of the print window on Chrome. That link will open the normal default print option window of your computer. There you can select the options as per your requirement and print the page.

I hope that Google will make changes in Chrome Print page to make that more useful and user-friendly, till then use the “Advanced” option to get normal print option of Windows from Google Chrome.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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