Web developers or webmasters can now test the load time, issues etc. on Google Chrome with popular add-on of Firefox i.e. YSlow. Like Firefox, Google Chrome is now having YSlow extension to check the YSlow grade / score of any site. YSlow is a platform developed by Yahoo to check the performance of a webpage, to perform load time tests, to check grade which shows the user end load sequence, issues. Google is also having such tool named as “Page Speed” but YSlow is more popular for performance measurement and many developers prefer YSlow over Page Speed.

YSlow on Chrome works similarly as YSlow on Firefox. The interface is very much same and once you will install the extension on your Chrome browser, a small icon will appear next to the address bar. Click on that icon to get the YSlow window at the bottom area of the webpage. Click on “Run Test” to star the performance test. It will load all the objects of the page internally and will provide you the details related to each component and will also list out the issues and suggestions.

Here is how I ran YSlow test on Google Chrome for Internet Techies.



Your target is to get the A grade for your website. The lowest grade is “F” in YSlow which means you should look into that and components in F grade will definitely improve the performance of the site after upgrading them to C or B.

You may get lower grade because of few third party widgets or apps running on your site. For example, Facebook Fan box is not very friendly with YSlow and you will find components of Fan box in F grade. Once you will remove that box, you will see nice improvement in score as well as YSlow grade. But at the same time, Facebook Fan box is helpful in getting more people on your website.

Anyway, you can use YSlow on Chrome to measure the performance of site and improve the same.

Do you think Firefox will lose its charm after this kind of development tools availability on fastest browser of this time i.e. Google Chrome?

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