Too much brightness and contrast on your monitor is an issue for your eyes and that’s why your monitor should have an ideal value for these parameters. But what is an ideal value and how to know that for your computer?

To get the answer for this question, we will go thru a simple test on your monitor and will identify the ideal value.


Why Monitor Contrast, Gamma and Brightness is Important

People spend between 3 to 10 hours per day in front of computer and because of that, most of them complaint about eye strain and dryness. It leads to headache and other vision related problems. It is important to have good quality monitor for a computer but at the same time, you need to adjust the settings of the monitor to make it best suitable for your eyes.

Here are some tests to adjust the brightness and contrast of screen to make it best suitable for your healthy eyes.

Contrast Test

Increase the contrast of your monitor a medium value, say 60 – 70% and then by keeping a distance of your eyes and monitor around 1 meter. Now check whether any distortion or extreme sharpness happens to images or other stuff on screen. If so, then adjust the value accordingly. Now you are having an optimized value of contrast on your monitor, we will move to brightness test.

Brightness Test – Simple way

Before changing the brightness of your monitor, take a look at the image attached below and see if you can see 21 different shades in the picture (Last shade is pure white, so you can count one as that).

monitor_contrast If you are not able to distinguish between the later shades then adjust the brightness on your monitor to do that. Now we will go thru the extreme test where you will be able to adjust the brightness of your monitor by more accurate value.

Brightness Test – Extreme Way

Here in extreme test, you have to distinguish the extreme black and extreme white shades provided below. Try to get the 5% and 95% shade as different than 0% and 100% shade.

extreme_test If you are able to differentiate and visualize the extreme shades then you are ready with the ideal value of brightness and contrast on your monitor. Healthy eyes can work more than the painful one so keep track of your health and keep your eyes clean and cool by adjusting monitor contrast and brightness.

Latest monitors comes with preset values like “Cool”, “Sports”, “Standard” etc. Try to set the preset value as Cool if it is OK otherwise perform the above test to get exclusive value on your monitor for your eyes.

Here is a video showing monitor calibration for better viewing

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