Sometimes you will an irregular movement or non-uniform movement of the mouse cursor on your computer. Reason behind this problem is non other than the dust particles at the bottom of your mouse. Whether you are having an optical mouse or mechanical one, doesn’t matter. You should clean up the mouse on regular interval to make it work properly.


To clean up the mouse base, just flip the mouse and look at the bottom base of that. clean the base which actually touches the floor. You can use any small object which can remove those attached particles from the mouse base. Once you will remove those dusty particles or may be some hardly attached layer, you can see the change in the movement of mouse cursor on your screen. Now take a slightly wet cloth and clean the mouse surface from that. You are done with the Optical mouse cleaning.

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If you are having a mechanical mouse i.e. mouse with a ball inside, then you can remove the box at the bottom and take the ball outside the mouse. Now clean the inner rolling areas with a car key or any other object. You can use blower or any other apparatus to provide a pressure of air inside the mouse to clean it. Put the mouse ball inside and close the box by rotating it clockwise.

You can avoid getting so much dust on your mouse base by using a clean mouse pad. Mouse pads also provide a smooth flow to the mouse base and that’s why you see a uniform flow or mouse cursor on your computer screen.

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