Earlier we covered the cleaning process of mouse for uniform operation and now today we will look into the process to clean the keyboard for smooth operation. As time passes, dust or other materials gets a place in keyboard which actually lock some of keys or may make them of no use. That’s why it is really important to clean the keyboard on regular intervals. The process is very simple and you can do it at your own.

Keyboard Cleaning

To clean the keyboard of computer, detach it from the CPU (in case of wired keyboard). Now check whether you can find some screws at the bottom side of the keyboard. Try to open the screws using a screw driver. You may find one screws hidden by the warranty label, if you keyboard has crossed the warranty period, then go ahead and remove the label from there. Now open that screw as well because you can’t remove the back panel without open that screw. Alright, now your keyboard is fully opened, and you can see some electronics circuit board and attached keys. You may detach the cable from the keyboard as well, you can that cable attached by one corner of the keyboard. Now you may remove each and every key from the keyboard and clean the key sockets. Don’t worry about placing the keys in same order, you don’t need to remember each and every place for a single key. The keyboard circuit board actually have the key numbers or symbol same as keys. At the time of installation of keys, Just look at the board closely and then start placing the keys accordingly.

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Now you have the keys with you, you can use any detergent to clean the keys and dry them for couple of hours. Till that time, clean the keyboard’s circuit panel with a dry cloth or soft brush. After drying the keys, start placing them by looking at the symbol near each key socket. Place all the keys and then attach the keyboard wire with the board. Assemble the keyboard with lower and upper panel and then tight the screws using screw driver. Now attach the keyboard with the CPU and then start your computer. Open a notepad or WordPad and check whether each and every key are working properly. Now you are having a clean keyboard and this way you actually increased the life of your older keyboard.

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