Most of the time in colleges we need to copy some content from friend’s computer to our own and If there is no writer or hard disk docking station available on his computer then it really becomes difficult to get the content. Content might be a collection of Songs, Images or Pictures, Documents, Movies etc. Follow the below mentioned instruction to start copying the data from one hard disk to another manually.

You can also look inside a hard disk when copy – paste is done.


Copy Hard Disk – Paste Hard Disk 


First of all, we will re-look at the scenario. Now you have one computer (Friend’s Computer), his own hard disk attached in CPU and your hard disk (which you brought to your friend’s place)) in your hand. Okay, Now start with the process,

1. Single CPU can have multiple Hard disks installed, You just need to make one hard disk as primary and others as secondary. To make a hard disk primary or secondary, you will have to understand the concept of “Jumpers”. At the time of purchasing, your hard disk should must have jumpers attached besides the power pins. Look at the picture below to see the location of jumpers,

We are taking an example of Seagate Hard Disk,

 u5_family_12. As per the above diagram, you will have to remove the jumper from your hard disk and make sure that the jumper in your friend’s hard disk is on proper location, i.e.left-most side of jumper box. Now connect the power plug in your hard disk as well and also connect the Bus Cable to your hard disk.

3. Start the computer and try to look at the first black screen where it shows that how the primary and secondary  locations are allocated. Primary should have your friend’s hard disk and secondary should show your hard disk. If yes, then wait for computer to start properly.

4. Now go to the My Computer, and there you should be able to see your hard disk in drives as well. Start copying the data from your friend’s hard disk to your hard hard disk manually. You can schedule the copying process by using any copy schedulers like Copy To.

Once you are done with the copying process, shut-down the computer and remove your hard disk from there. Since you did not remove jumper from your friend’s hard disk, its ok to leave it as it is but you will have to put your jumper at previous location so that your CPU will take hard disk as primary drive.

Go ahead and enjoy the movie, song or go thru the document brought from your friend’s computer.

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