Bluetooth is a revolution in mobile phones and now a days most of the phones are having Bluetooth as an option to share music, files between mobile phones or PCs. Now mobiles phones are having inbuilt camera with resolutions starting from 2 MP to 6 MP which is good for getting a printed picture. So Printer companies started building Bluetooth enabled printers which can be connected thru Bluetooth enabled devices and accept print command from them.

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What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a short distance communication system in fixed and mobile deices. It creates a Personal Area Network (PAN) to communicate within different devices having Bluetooth option.


HP started providing this Bluetooth printing option in its latest printers and here you can checkout the screenshot of the same as well. Mobile device initiated the Print command for a particular pictures stored on the mobile memory card and then the printer accepts hat command and start printing the picture directly without any use of laptops or desktops. There is a difference between PicBridge Printing and Bluetooth Printing where PicBridge is a way to directly print pictures using USB cables where Bluetooth Printing does not involve any wire.


If your HP printer is not having Bluetooth feature embedded then you may go for the Bluetooth adapter thru which you can enable the Bluetooth service in your PicBridge supported printer. Yes, you printer should have PicBridge option where you can insert a USB device to enable Bluetooth on that printer.

What is Bluetooth Adapter

picbridge PicBridge Printers always have the logo mentioned in the right side of this post. Thru this logo, you may know that your printer is having PicBridge option. In PicBridge printers, you may find a slot for USB Drive where you may insert the USB cable of your Digital Camera to initiate Print command. Now Bluetooth Adapter is a small USB device which can be inserted into the USB slot (PicBridge USB Slot). Now enable the Bluetooth on your printer thru printer mini screen.

Done, your printer is know Bluetooth enabled. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone and give he print command for a picture stored on your mobile phone. Before doing that, you may need to detect the Bluetooth device (Printer) on your mobile phone.

You may browse some of the printers having Bluetooth options and this Amazon list is having Bluetooth adapters as well.

Amazon List of Bluetooth Printers and Adapters

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