Protect Your iPhone From Scratches, Dust By Using Simple Thin Film

iPhones and other high price range mobile phones are really cool and elegant looking but if you want to have that look for a long time then use a protector for iPhone screen. iPhone screen protector are not much costly but really helpful in protecting the phone screen from any scratches, dust etc. 

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iPhone ProtectoriPhone protectors starts from $1 or less or may go to $6 depending on the quality and strength of the protector. Below is the step by step process to install screen protector on your iPhone screen:

  • Clean your hands with a soap and dry it properly
  • Open the protector packet and take the film outside
  • Depending on the instructions provided by the company, take the thinner film outside the bigger film packet
  • Paste it on the iPhone screen and press the film gently with a soft and clean piece of cloth
  • Detach the upper film (if any)
  • Now you can see a thin film layer (barely visible) above the screen

Below attached YouTube video would help you understand the importance of iPhone screen protector and the process to install:

iPhone Protector Demo


You may browse some iPhone screen protector on Amazon or other online shopping services. Here is a link for Amazon collection of this product:

iPhone Screen Protector

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