USB_lock There were times when we used to carry data on floppy disks and then came CDs and now we are mostly carry data on Flash Drives. USB flash drives are easy to use and re-usable data carrier and if you moving with some important files and folders and don’t want to leave it openly then protect the full USB drive with a strong password.

To protect the USB drive itself, go ahead and download a free tool named as Cryptainer LE. Below is the link to download the Cryptainer LE program.

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Download Cryptainer LE


Once the download completes, Install the tool on your computer and then enter a password (minimum 8 and maximum 100 length). Now install Cryptainer Mobile from the “Tools” menu at the top of the screen and install Cryptainer Mobile from there. Now close the LE version and then select the USB drive on your computer. Now you can set the password to the USB drive and enter the same password at the time of re-use. This way you can safely carry your important data in USB flash drives. There are some flash drives which comes with embedded software to protect by a password but if your flash drive is not having any default software then go ahead and use this free tool to protect your own USB drive.

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