Do you have a 5 – 10 years old configuration PC kept in store room or just placed somewhere without of any use? Then its time to sell that as it is worth some money. This old PC can give you some money to at least upgrade the new one or to purchase other gadget. But before selling this crap looking item, you should check few things in that. As the old PC looks like crap but it may have important data or your personal pictures stored on hard disk. You can also check few things to make the PC running smoothly so that you can get more money while selling it in running condition.

Now if you are sure to sell the PC, complete the following check to make that running and to secure your personal and private information.

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:right;margin:10px 0px 10px 10px’] 1. Backup your old data – Copy the old data from hard disk to any external hard disk or to your other computer. Don’t forget to scan that backup data as there is a chance that your old hard disk not been scanned recently.

2. Format the hard disk (full format) – Now clean the hard disk by formatting the same. I would recommend to use full format option rather than quick format.

3. Install Windows – Now its time to install the Windows operating system and related software. You should install the compatible Windows operating system only. For example, if you computer is having installed RAM of below 512 MB and processor speed less than 1.8 GHz, I would suggest you to install Windows XP only. Don’t install Windows Vista or 7 on such configuration. Or you will have to check the upgrade option to upgrade the RAM before installing latest Windows.

4. Time to Scan again – Now install security software like Antivirus and Anti-spy software. There are plenty of free antivirus programme available. Download any of them and install the same. after successful installation and latest virus definition update, scan your full computer.

5. Clean the device – i would suggest you to clean the cabinet or your PC by using simple air blower. Also clean the keyboard and mouse before selling these items as you may quote more for cleaned and maintained items.

6. Sell complete package – Are you selling your old PC in parts? I would suggest you to sell the complete PC like cabinet with HD, Floppy Drive, CD Drive, Monitor, Speaker, Keyboard, Mouse etc. The complete package can give you better value as compared to individual items.

apart from the above checks, you can also try to make your older PC run faster to attract your probable customers.

Find the worth value of Old PC

The value of a gadget depreciates quickly as companies roll out new features and powerful hardware in few months time. If you purchased the PC around 3 years back with powerful configuration, today it may behave sluggish and your other friends may get better configuration in less price. As prices of hardware items are decreasing or you get better hardware in the same price, your older PC worthiness will definitely decrease. There are few places to find the worthiness of old PC online. For example, you can try Gadget Value for that. But if you are selling it offline, you should ask the buyer to come up with the amount. If you find that good enough, you should sell that.

Otherwise, you can sell your old PC on Ebay or other online portal and fix the price as per the market value for that configuration.

Alright folks, I hope this guide will help you in getting better deal for your old PC which you want to sell. Wish you all the best.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.