Earlier we discussed lot many software to provide support on Internet and now here are some cool software to turn on computers distantly located from our own place. There may be a scenario when your client or family members requested for a support but they are not near by their own computer and now as per your convenient time, you want to rectify the issue or copy a set of data from that. Since the computer is totally shut down, so first of all you will have to turn on the computer which you can do thru Internet.

How to Turn On a Computer thru Internet?

To Turn-On a computer thru LAN or Internet, the most important things are capability and connectivity. There should be an option on remote computer’s motherboard to wake up on LAN (WoL). Latest motherboards with inbuilt network cards comes with this feature. You can find the option to enable wake up on LAN on BIOS setup of the computer. To get into BIOS, restart the computer and then hit the DEL key at the time of start-up. Once you enter the BIOS setup, go to the Advance tab and then find a network activity. There you can see an option to enable “Wake on LAN”. Enable that option and save the changes by pressing F10. Now restart your computer and boot properly to get Windows welcome screen. If you are trying to turn on remote computer thru Internet then someone at the remote location will have to enable that option. This is a one time enable so you don’t need to enable it again and again.

Now the second part is connectivity. To connect a your computer with other computer, we need MAC address i.e. physical address of the remote computer. MAC address of a computer can be found by following process,

1. Go to the network icon on system tray, double click on the icon. A new small window will open, go to the “Support” tab of that window. Click on “Details” button present on the window. The first address “Physical address” is nothing but MAC of the computer. You can get the MAC of your network computers by using the second option.

2. To get the MAC of network computers, Go to the CMD prompt on your computer and type “arp –a” without quotes. It will show you “IP Address” “Physical Address” and Type of your network computers. Physical Address is MAC of that computer. By using this command, you can’t get your own MAC.

To get the IP address of a computer, you can type “ipconfig” on command prompt of that computer and take down the IP address.

Once you are having the MAC and the port number from the router thru which the remote computer is connected, you can turn on that remote computer from your home computer using Internet. Below are some small tools to complete the task.

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Depicus WoL Free Tool (Size 180KB)

wakeuplan This is a small but powerful tool to turn on the remote computer using Internet. You can use this tool to do the same with Local Network (LAN) computers. Download this tool and extract the zipped folder. Now you are having an application, you don’t need to install anything. Just click on the application and it will ask for the following details:

MAC Address : XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX (Provide 12 digits MAC address separate by – )

Internet Address : Provide the IP address of the computer

Subnet Mask :

Send Option :Choose “Internet” to turn on thru Internet otherwise choose Local Subnet for LAN

Remote Port Number : X (Provide the port number of remote computer network connection), You can try 7 which is default in case of LAN

Now click on “Wake me up” to turn on the remote computer. Here is the screenshot of the Depicus tool and below is the download link of the tiny software.

Download Depicus WoL

Note: Depicus is also available for Apple Mac Computers.

Remote Wake Up

This is an online application to start a computer over Internet. Again here you need to enter the MAC address, IP Address and Port Number to start the computer over Internet. Here is the screenshot and link for the application:


Link for Remote Wake Up

Important: There are lot many online applications to turn on the computer over Internet but I will not suggest to go by them as they may store your data which is not good at all. Security is really a concern, so don’t try these things you are having some critical data (may be financial or other important data) on any of your computer.

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Update: Wakeonlan is another online Wake-on-Lan application to turn on a computer thru Internet. Thanks Alexa for sharing this info.

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