Laptops are very much handy to use and really helps on traveling. But the missing part on laptops are the numeric keys which helps in entering numeric values, calculations, excel sheet data entry etc. If you are having iPhone with you, you can use that as numeric key pad with your laptop to boost your work speed.

Use iPhone as Numeric Key Pad with Laptop

NumberKey is a free application to connect Windows/Mac computer with iPhone and let you use that as numeric key pad. Install NumberKey on Windows or Mac laptops and then use the Wi-Fi connection on your laptop to connect iPhone. If you have already connected your iPhone with Wi-Fi on your laptop for data transfer then that will work perfectly. Now install the NumberKey application (Free) on your iPhone from App Store. Almost done. Just click on the “Connect” button on your laptop’s NumberKey application. That’s it.

Now you can use your iPhone as a Numeric Key pad on laptops. This small but effective application will definitely help you in entering the numeric values faster than the normal numeric keys above the alphabets on laptop keyboard.

There are some themes available for Numeric Pad as well. Here are some snaps of NumberKey themes on iPhone,

 NumberKey Themes on iPhone      

Thanks ilmaistro for sharing this information. I hope this small app will help in may ways to make your life easier. Post your comments and feedback for this tip thru comments section.

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