Online photo printing service in India is getting hotter these days because people are getting good offers over there. The best part is that you can get delivered the photos anywhere in India. The prices are a bit higher than the normal printing studio but here you get lot many options for printing the pictures. After exploring the options available and credibility, we came up with the best 5 online places where you can get the photos printed and delivered in India.picsquare

Rank 1 : Picsquare

Two IIT Mumbai alumnus started Picsquare in 2005. Currently they offer a range of products based on photo printing like Calendar, Chocolate wrapper, College poster, Greeting Card, Keychain, Mug, Mouse pad, Piggybank, T-Shirt etc  and many more.  chocolatewrapper_0_largeBelow is an excerpt from the price list of Picsquare.

Qty and Size Price per set Price per print
4×6 Prepaid Prints:
200 4×6 prints Rs. 580 Rs. 2.90
300 4×6 prints Rs. 855 Rs. 2.85
500 4×6 prints Rs. 1399 Rs. 2.80
1000 4×6 prints Rs. 2750 Rs. 2.75
6×8 Prepaid Prints:
100 6×8 prints Rs. 850 Rs. 8.50
200 6×8 prints Rs. 1600 Rs. 8.00
500 6×8 prints Rs. 3750 Rs. 7.50

Price list from Picsquare for whole range of products.

You can print the photos from Flickr, Picasa and get that delivered to your home. Most of the online photo printing service providers are having these options now a days. In Service and Charges, we will give A++ to Picsquare.

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Rank 2 : itasveer

Again IITians, Four IIT Delhi alumnus started this venture in 2006. Charges are competitive here and it is giving a tough time to Picsquare. They are on the Rank-2 because of lack in the variety. Customers will have a good amount of options but not as many as Picsquare.


Size Price per print (Rs.)
3.5″ x 5″
(Postcard sized)
Rs. 4 Rs. 2.90
4″ x 6″ Rs. 4.5 Rs. 2.90
5″ x 7″ Rs. 8 Rs. 6.90
6″ x 8″ Rs. 15.00
8″ x 10″ Rs. 39.00
8″ x 12″ Rs. 49.00

Price list of whole range of products from itasveer. Flickr and Picasa options are also available here.

23-02-2009 23-15-55 logo-small-jp

Rank 3: Snapfish from HP

This one is a product from HP which was launched in 2007. Snapfish is a big name in this business and they are serving around 60 million users worldwide. They started the business in India but got a very tough time. The local market was already captured by people who are having a good feel factor with them. They know the Indian emotions in a better way than HP. But  now Snapfish has learned a lot and they are performing in a better way in Indian market as well. store_product_template

Prints Price (each)
4×6″ Rs. 2.95
5×7″ Rs. 9.00
8×10″ Rs. 45.00
wallet-per set of 4 Rs. 39.00
Collage Prints 4×6 Rs. 3.95
Collage Prints 5×7 Rs. 10.95
Collage Prints 8×10 Rs. 54.95

Complete price list from Snapfish. Charges are very competitive and the service is also good.

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Rank 4 :  Snap Galaxy

They are having an equal foothold in India as well as USA. Their service is also very good and the most important thing is their referral program where you can get 20 prints free for each referral.

Attached below is an excerpt from the complete price list of Snap Galaxy,3

Regular Prints
 Size  PriceÂ
4xD / 4×6 Rs.6
5×7 Rs.28
8×10 Rs.100
Wallet Rs.40(per 4)

The initiatives taken by this company is very cool, for example they started an initiative as “Best Picture Award” where you can get prizes worth $150 for submitting the best picture.

23-02-2009 23-15-55

Rank 5 : Photo Hugs screenshot4

Ultimate look and design; this is the first reaction of mine when I was exploring Photo Hugs. They are having a very professional interface where you can opt for some minimal requirement of yours. The options available are not much competitive with Picsquare or itasveer that’s why they need to develop more options for customers. The price tag is also bit higher here which they will have to look into.print-send-india

The excerpt from the Price list is as below,

Prints and Enlargements Price
4×6 Maxi prints $0.15
6×8 Maxi prints $0.35
8×12 Maxi prints $1.15
10×12 Maxi prints $2.00
15×12 Poster Prints $2.10
12×18 Poster Prints $2.20
16×20 Poster Prints $4.99
20×30 Poster Prints $6.99

23-02-2009 23-15-55

That’s all we have this year for online photo printing market in India. Next year, there may be some new players will come in this segment and the competition is going to be much more tougher.  Right now, I will recommend Picsquare because their service is very prompt and the price tag is also very competitive. This market will explode in coming years as the broadband Internet charges are slashing in India day by day.

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