Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed India’s answer to Google Earth which is named as Bhuvan. It means “Earth” in Sanskrit language. Bhuvan is a project fully developed by Indians in ISRO where they have used the Indian satellites to get images.


How To Use Bhuvan

First of all you need to register yourself on Bhuvan registration page. To use Bhuvan, you need to install a plugin provided on that website only. That plug-in is of size around 11MB which will not take much time to install. Once the installation will be done, go to the Start – Programs and click on “Bhuvan”. It will open the Bhuvan webpage from where you can click on the “Enter” button available on the website.

Welcome to Bhuvan!

Why Bhuvan? Google Earth is already there.

This is a natural question which will arise in your mind but checkout some of the advantages which are there in Bhuvan and not available in Google Earth. Comparison detail mentioned below is an extract from timesofindia page,

Google Earth


Zoom levels up to 200 meter Zoom levels up to 10 meter
Single layer information Multi-layer information
Images upgraded every 4 year Images upgraded every year
No alternate viewing options Options of viewing on different dates
Uses international satellites Uses Indian satellites
Bhuvan will help Indian government and people to trace different locations, agricultural needs and many more.
Since the bandwidth and Internet Speed is a big issue in India, that’s why Bhuvan team has developed it in such a way that it can be browsed on low speed internet connection as well. Here we have attached some of the screenshots from Bhuvan thru which you can feel the resolution and functionality of Bhuvan.

Screenshots from Bhuvan


Taj Mahal on Bhuvan


New Delhi on Bhuvan


India on Bhuvan

Current Limitations:
I was facing problem while exploring Bhuvan on Firefox and other browsers. Now shifted to Internet Explorer and found that it is working properly. Make Internet Explorer a default browser on your PC and browse Bhuvan over there. Since Bhuvan is still in development phase (Beta) so the image quality is not at its best, we hope that it will provide good quality images in near future.

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