Bing xRank is tracking system on Bing where they keep track of notable people and compare searched keywords regarding them. Then based on the data they publish the list of top searched Celebrity, Musician, Politicians and Bloggers as well. But on India page of Bing, they don’t have xRank for Bloggers and Politicians right now. Bing India is only having Celebrities and Musicians on xRank. Katrina is leading the chart under Celebrity category and Salman is visible on Related Celebrities section for Katrina Kaif,


As Katrina Kaif is leading the chart over there and Bing is having a feature to show something related to the celebrity at left side panel of the window. You can see Salman Khan’s picture showing as related celebrities for Katrina Kaif. Which means Bing also knows about the well known affair between Salman and Katrina (Just kidding).

Here is the xRank chart dated on 27’th Aug 2009 published on Bing India Page,


Well-done Bing, You are really genius.

Update: Dakota Fanning is leading the xRank chart for celebrities on United States page.

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