google-party Search giant Google wins the case against Herit Shah who has blocked the domain name “”. Google had challenged the registration of the domain name because of the similarity with the and domain names which are trade mark of Google.


Google challenged the registration at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) where finally they won. Herit Shah who belongs to Gujarat (India) apologized saying that,

“I was in a bad faith that I can legally keep the domain … I really did very unfair to Google. I sincerely apologize to Google for infringement, misuse of their intellectual property (GOOGBLOG.COM),” stated Shah.

Currently the message “ is temporarily down due to some legal conflicts. Check back soon for the updates.” is appearing on the domain name and now that domain name belongs to Google.

There are so many reasons for Google wining this case. For example, Google is using “GOOG” as NASDAQ financial stock ticker since 2004 and the name “Google” since the inception of their business in 1997. Google also use the brand “Blogger” for blog services which is having millions of blog under it.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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