spread_brand India is a nation of people who show a wide range of communication trends. Now-a-days, due to rapid growth if Internet Services like email, live chats and video chats and growth of telecom industry like mobiles and walkies, the number of postcards and letters sent thru post have gone down. Still, there are thousands of crore of postal letters delivered by Indian Post every year. In fact you can imagine the delay in getting the Rakhis this Rakshabandhan too, due to such a large bulk of postal envelopes travelling from this corner of that country to that corner.

So, there is a good marketing and branding concept offerred for low cost  from Indian Post, that I recently came accross. It is called Media Post. Small businesses, corporate industries and in fact people like us who wish to spread their brand in the country can use this service. It is like placing a small advertising logo or a message in English or Indian languages on the postcards, letters, envelopes, aerogrammes etc. The image or the message can be fully customized which is totally dependent on your creativity.

This is a good strategy, I do feel. And if you want your business to reach to common India, you should never ignore this media!

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