Application shortcut is a way to access application from certain locations like Desktop, Start Menu etc in a faster way. Google Chrome is having an option to create application shortcuts for any webpage. BY using this feature, you can open your frequently browsing favorite webpage from desktop or start Google Chrome menu. For example, if you open Facebook, Google Adsense, Google, Gmail, Analytics or any other site for lot many times in a day then you should try creating shortcuts for these pages on your desktop and access these pages like an application. I tried with my email account hosted on Google Apps and now I access my emails by clicking on the Email shortcut on my desktop. I have also added shortcuts for Google Adsense, Internet Techies, CNN etc on my desktop. And this way I access my favorite pages 2 times or even more faster thru desktop shortcuts.

How To Create Application Shortcut for Webpage?

Minimum Requirement: You should have Google Chrome installed on your computer.

  • Now open Google Chrome browser and then open the webpage for which you want the shortcut on desktop or start menu
  • Once the page loading completes, navigate to the “Control the Current page” menu button
  • Select the option “Create application shortcuts” from the menu
  • Check the boxes as per your requirement. You have options for creating shortcut on desktop, start menu and pin to taskbar (for Windows 7 users)
  • If you selected “desktop”, then you can see a new shortcut on desktop with the favicon of the page as the icon. Click on the shortcut to access that page without having any address bar or without entering any web address.

Create Application Shortcut Menu in Google Chrome

Create application shortcut in chrome Application shortcut for Google homepage

Desktop Shortcut for Favorite Webpage

Webpage Shortcuts on Desktop created thru Google Chrome

I use this feature of Google Chrome on my desktop since last few weeks and I can definitely assure you that you will see significant change in your efficiency of work. As we spend so much time browsing the same site in a day, this feature and technique definitely helps.

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