Synchronize automatically the Digital Camera SD Card and Photos, songs residing on Mobile phones with a folder on Windows PC and Dropbox.

To make your life bit easier, you should use Dropbox on computer or Smartphones to backup photos and songs or other important files. Sometimes we carry photos in SD card inserted into the Digital Camera or Mobile Phones or in USB drives and at last copy those photos to computer. But how about syncing those photos, songs and important files residing in SD card, USB drives, camcorders, and Emails to a folder on PC as well as Dropbox account which is accessible from everywhere. I will show you how you can synchronize SD card, USB Drive (Flash Drive), Camcorders with PC folder as well as Dropbox to make them safe and easy to accessible. Earlier we had shared about Dropbox backup and sync option but here is how to sync external devices like SD Card, USB Drives etc. on single click.


For this synching purpose, first of all you need an application named “SyncToy” which is available for free and released by Microsoft only. It works fine on Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista OS. As we are going to sync folders with Dropbox, so you will have to download and install Dropbox on your PC. Create an account on Dropbox to get 1 GB of free storage.

How to Sync Dropbox with SD Card, USB Drive or PC Folder

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]- As you are having Dropbox on your PC, you will see “My Dropbox” folders created automatically under “My Documents” folder after the successful installation of Dropbox. There you can add more folders under the “My Dropbox” folder. I added a folder named “Photos”.

– Now go ahead and open installed “SyncToy” application from “All Programs” under Start menu in Windows 7. Accept the agreement and then the application will ask you to “Create new folder pair” for SyncToy. Once you will click on “Create New Folder Pair”, you can see a new window with two boxes i.e. Left Folder and Right Folder.


– As you need to provide the location of folders which you want to sync. You will have to insert the device such as SD Card or USB Drive which you want to sync with local folder on your PC. For example, if you are going to sync SD card of your Digital Camera, then insert SD Card into the card reader or connect your Digital Camera thru USB with your PC. Now you need to locate the photos folder into the SD Card. For example “DCIM” folder in Sony Cybershot cameras. Copy that location of the folder where photos are residing and paste that location in “Left Folder” box in SyncToy.

– In “Right Folder” box, paste the location of the Dropbox folder on your PC. In my case, it was “C:\Users\Sanjeev\Documents\My Dropbox\Photos”. Click on Next.

– Select “Echo” as the synching process i.e. SyncToy Action. Done!

Now you just need to click on “Run” button to synchronize those two folders. Once the process will complete, SD Card or USB Drive content like photos, songs, important files, videos will be copied to your Dropbox location and will be available thru your Dropbox account which is accessible from anywhere. Now you can disconnect your Digital Camera from PC and next time when you will connect that Digital Camera with PC again, you just need to click on “Run” in SyncToy to synchronize the content of both of these folders.

This way, you can synchronize Dropbox with SD Card, USB Drive, Any folder on your PC to take secured backup of these files without much effort.

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