Google runs advertisements at the bottom area of some of the videos on YouTube. Sometimes they are good but sometime they may annoy you. We had discussed ads blocking options for website and pages, but here are some tools to block or disable YouTube ads as well. Actually YouTube partners can earn money when people are viewing their videos, but what if you want to skip, disable or block those ads. Yes, they will not appear on the video and you will have a clean video viewing experience.

Google Chrome and Firefox users can have AdBlock extension to block regular ads while browsing. That ad blocker, actually can block advertisements which runs on YouTube videos. You just need to install the extensions listed below depending on the browser you are using. Once the extension will be installed, just enable the extension to keep blocking the advertisements on YouTube.

YouTube without ad

Note: You may try to watch above video on your PC, you will see ads if ad blocker is not installed.

[ad id=’9′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]AdBlock will also block other advertisement running on the YouTube site. That means, the advertisement slot on top-right corner of the YouTube page will also be not visible and will not load. This way you will get more space for getting the related videos list on YouTube. And this feature will give more bandwidth to the video streaming on YouTube, so you will see some drop in buffering time on YouTube as well.

AdBlock for Google Chrome

AdBlock Plus for Firefox

Above extensions are there for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you are using Kaspersky or other popular Internet Security software on your computer, then you may try their Ad Blocker option as well.

Enjoy the Ad free videos on YouTube by using this trick and tool.

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