There is a moment in life that you want to hold on to forever and want to share live with the whole family and all friends – no matter where in the world – for example the most beautiful day of your life – your own dream wedding! No matter if you are married at Hawaii on the beach or in a romantic Bavarian mountain church.

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The concept live streaming of wedding service is a completely new services, which makes your wedding a unique and unforgettable. As a bridal couple, you will not only allow your invited guests and the organizers to be there live. All friends, acquaintances and from the other end of the world – also have the possibility to be “in the middle of the world”. You can either experience the happening live with it or watch it later, in a timely and professional manner. But of course, you also have the opportunity to invite only a select private circle with an exclusive access to your wedding live streaming. So anyone who does not make it to the wedding can watch live from home or anywhere through a private access.

Wedding Live Streaming consists of the broadcast of live videos, without interruption, that can be viewed from any type of device.

Therefore, in order for you to also take advantage of its potential, this is usually done using social networks and platforms to broadcast weddings live.

Live Stream Wedding Using These Channels

Below are the characteristics and functionalities of each one of them.


YouTube is the king of videos on the Internet, there is no one to shade you, at least right now.

The Giant’s video platform Google has offered for several years the possibility of making live broadcasts and with it flexibility of it make live streaming of wedding very possible.


Periscope is the platform for streaming videos on Twitter. It is relatively young, since it was born just about two years ago (on March 16, 2015 for iPhone and on May 26, 2015 for Android) and since then it has not stopped growing.

It has been defined as “life in real time” or “Big Brother on the Internet”. Periscope allows live streaming of wedding from any mobile phone that has the app installed and accessed through a Twitter account.

Facebook Live

It is the live broadcast platform of Facebook and represents the direct competition of Periscope (it is said that there is a strong rivalry between both companies). At first, streaming videos were only available for verified celebrity and celebrity pages, but since April 2016 it has been a feature that has been incorporated into all Facebook pages and profiles with this, your wedding can easily be transmitted live.

Instagram Live

Instagram has been one of the latest social networks to incorporate the possibility of streaming.

The arrival of the stories (or stories) to compete with Snapchat less than a year ago, happened to him the possibility to emit live videos from very recently (November 2016).

At first, the videos could not be saved, so if you did not see them when being broadcast live, you could not see them again but its now possible to watch the recorded video over again while this will give your guest access to watch your big day live.

It is a platform that allows to broadcast live videos from the computer (remember that Facebook only allows to do it with the mobile). With the growing use of Facebook Live have been emerging tools like, whose purpose is to broadcast live through Facebook, but from the pc, making it ideal for weddings and other social events.


Although a platform that is currently in beta, Bebo is very good at streaming videos.  Designed for businesses, online entrepreneurs and occasion just like wedding ceremony, your goal is to be able to control every aspect of your streaming business in a single application.


Fairly complete, especially if it involves broadcasting a live event like weddings and other social functions. You can interact with the audience, promote your channel on Twitter and even use multiple cameras. It also has paid version.

Whether it’s a PC, tablet, Smartphone or TV. Let your relatives and friends abroad participate through a live streaming at your wedding. Most time Live streaming is provided on an individual page for you. You only have to provide the viewers with the link to the page as well as the password.

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