Short URL services are doing well because short URL is easier to share on Twitter or on other sharing websites. People have started sharing these kind of URL’s thru emails as well. But there is a security concern in case of opening a short URL because you don’t know where exactly it will land you. It may redirect you to a page having some malware or other programs which may harm your computer or it may open a page having some adult content which will be shocking for you. To resolve this problem, you should always check the original URL of the Shortened URL sent by a stranger.

Both May Look Same But Are Different


Picture: President Barack Obama and his look alike Ilham Anas

Sucuri is an free online service to retrieve the original URL from a short URL shortened using any of the service like,, etc. We had already discussed about another service named Untiny which retrieves the original URL from short URL of or but Sucuri is for all of them. Sucuri will also let you know whether the content on the original URL is safe for browsing or not. It uses Google Safe Browsing page to know whether the original URL is safe for browsing or you should keep away with that.

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Why Should You Check The Original URL?

1. Original URL may have some malware which may harm your computer

2. Check whether it is having some adult content

3. Cross check whether you are sending the correct link to your Boss or Clients

4. Check your Affiliate Link you share on your website or blog

Secure Your Machine From Malware


Sucuri is very simple to use but so much beneficial for above reasons. You can get the original URL in seconds and those seconds might help you in avoiding hours of malware removal from your system. It is highly recommended to cross check the original URL before opening a short URL specially if it is sent by a stranger.

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