In this competitive environment on Internet, the online video streaming platform like YouTube is performing really well but what is happening with Yahoo Video. Many of us remember that Yahoo is also having a platform like YouTube named as Yahoo Video which similar to YouTube in many ways. But recently they covered the Michael Jackson’s Memorable Moments thru different videos on their blog and right now all of them are removed. 

Michael Jackson’s Memorable Moments like  Magic Johnson’s humorous story, Brooke Shields speech, Jennifer Hudson’s performance, Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson performance and last but not least her daughter’s “I love him so much” speech all in different videos posted on Yahoo Video’s blog. All of them are having some kind of problem or they might be removed from the server. Below is the screenshot of Yahoo Video Blog’s coverage,

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yahoo_video This is really not happening from Yahoo side as they are facing big challenges from YouTube or Vimeo and they should take these things seriously. At least if they are posting something on their blog, they should cross check whether these videos are available or not.

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To checkout the memorable moments of Michael Jackson, go ahead and checkout the videos provides below:


Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Mariah Carey performs “I’ll Be There”

Usher performs “Gone Too Soon”

Jennifer Hudson performs “Will You Be There”

Brooke Shields remembers fond moments with Jackson

Queen Latifah reads Maya Angelou’s “We Had Him”

Jackson’s Daughter Paris gives a tearful goodbye

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