We are excited to let you know about the bumper discount on web hosting on Dreamhost; One of the best host in industry on special occasion of Diwali. We had earlier discussed about the features and options available on Dreamhost account. You will get one click installation of major platforms like WordPress, Magento, PHPBB etc so that you can start working on them on that day itself. We had also discussed about the best hosts for blogging and Dreamhost is one of them as well.

Dreamhost Discount Code $70 OFFTo get the $70 discount on Dreamhost, use the promo code as “CLICKONF5” which the domain name of our blog as well. By using this code, you will get $70 OFF on a new web hosting account for any time span (excluding monthly where you will get $40 OFF). Here is the cost distribution and savings because of the discount code:

Charges For Hosting on Dreamhost: $9.95 per month (For 1 Year)

$9.95 X 12 = $120 (~)

Cost of Hosting For One Year = $120

Use Discount Code as CLICKONF5 and get Discount of $70, So net payment for Hosting,

$120 – $70 = $50

By using discount code as CLICKONF5, Now your web hosting cost reduced by $70 and now it is approximately $50 for 1 year i.e ~$4 per month or one year.

Out of which you are getting a free domain worth $10 for 1 year and you are also getting $75 as Google Adword Credit to your account thru which you can advertise on Google Adsense program, So now your net investment would be,

$50 – $10 – $75 = – $35

Yes, Now you are getting to the point. Actually you are getting back everything invested by you if you uses the discount code (CLICKONF5) at the time of enrolment for the web hosting account on DreamHost.

Please let me know in case you are facing any issue with the discount code at the time of using it on Dreamhost Purchase panel.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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