cookiesQR Codes are very popular these days. You can find these mobile friendly codes on print advertisements, t-shirts and lot many other places. One can use a latest mobile phone to scan the QR code and open the set webpage without typing the address. This is helpful in promotional activities, even to promote the twitter or other social media handles.

There are many ways to generate QR codes with specific details like webpage address, email address, location etc. And now a days, you may find colorful QR codes as well. But how about an eatable (fit to be eaten) QR code. I mean, having a QR code which can be consumed by people after scanning it.

A German company launched a product called QKies where you will get edible QR codes with cookies. You can place the eatable QR codes on top of the cookie and send that to your friends, family members as an invitation card. Once they will scan the code, the mobile browser will open the invitation webpage with details about party time and venue. After scanning the same, they can eat the cookie as well as the QR code.

Checkout the video see how QKies edible QR Codes work.

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As the language in this video in German, you can click on “CC” to enable English subtitles.

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