Lot many people are facing the problem of obesity and they want to lose weight in no time, but it always takes time to lose weight. Software industry is having the maximum number of obese people because of the lifestyle and work culture. Anyway, You can plan the weight loss program in such a way that it can give you some quick and good results. Here is an online destination where you can run a weight loss competition with your friends, partner or family and there you can track your weight loss in graphical manner. This kind of visual details may help you and your partner lose weight quickly.

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Skinnyo is that online application where you compete with your family members or friends on weight loss. Here you just need to become a free member and enter your details like weight and height. And then you can also enrol your friends or partner into that by entering his or her details. Now you have to start your physical exercises and keep updating your details. Skinnyo will organize your data and show them in visual graphical manner. There you can compare your weight loss speed as well your friend’s. This kind of healthy competition may get you and your friend in shape.


For nutrition and exercises details, you may check SparkPeople, which is a really nice portal to get many details about the weight loss programs. This kind of managed and organized ways may help you in fast weight loss.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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